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per invoice
  • Charge 3% of each invoice
  • API Integration
  • Cloud Instance managed service
  • Minimum 30 invoices each month
  • Channel Manager
/ per Year
  • Download and Host as you want
  • 100% Customizable
  • Access to Source Code
  • Access to Database
  • 03 Months Support

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You can easily Connect your own Domain name with the system. Let us know your Domain. We will send you the name server information. Just insert those at your Domain cPanel. That’s all. You are using the Software from your Own Domain.
An User is any individual who is granted rights to moderate information, Add Data, manage your Software, and change any site settings. Customers of the system will not be considered as an “USER”.
We do backup of our server in every 7 days. User can restore Data with the backup data at any time.
Note: There is a probability to lost data for couple of days.
Note: To restore Data an Additional charge of $30 will be applied

We will Customize the Theme for the client using the tools and features embed in the System. An Additional charge of $200 will be applied.Includes:
Change, update or re-design your homepage according to your liking & guideline.
Organize your menu and sub-menus
Feeding up your web contents.
Placing the images provided by your company.
Customize the Colors of the Template and Navigation Links
Placement of existing modules & Blocking according to your instructions.
Removing of module or features that we already have.Dose NOT Includes:
Does Not include writing custom coding
Does not include changing of business logic
Does not include developing / updating modules or features.
Does not include adding or editing heavyweight JavaScript / Ajax.
Does not include integration of 3rd party module or toolkit.

A free One to One training of 3 Hours will be offered to the client after purchasing the Plan. Additional Hours can be added with $50/Hours.
Twenty(20) Developer Hours will be offered with free of charges after purchasing the Plan. Additional Hours can be added with $30/Hours.
All Features
  • Deal offers
  • Featured and Listing Pages
  • Enquiry to Product Owner
  • Package Offers
  • Review & Ratings
  • Brand Removal
  • Discount Coupon
  • User Role Management
  • News Latter
  • Agents Panel
  • Reporting
  • API Integration
  • Multi-Language
  • Agent Commissioning
  • Wishlist
  • Multi-Currency
  • Membership Packages
  • Dynamic Menu Manager
  • Alert & Notification
  • Payment Gateway
All Modules
  • Hotels
  • Car
  • Gallery
  • Flights
  • Restaurant
  • Tours
  • Things to Do
  • Chatting
  • Vacation rentals
  • CRM
  • SMS
  • Cruises
  • Inventory
  • Page Builder
  • Bus
  • News


There’s no risk and no credit card required. Once you talk to one of our expert or request and demo, you will get your account, you can start using the product. After 7 days, you’ll be asked to choose a plan and all the work you did in the trial will persist.

Get in touch with our support team through the Support page or send us a ticket through our ticket support system.

It will take 24 to 48 hours to set up your instance. You will receive an email with your access details (user, password) and a link to your individual administration page and then you are in.

It will take 24 to 48 hours to set up for you. You will receive an email with your access details (user, password) and a link to your individual administration page and then you are in.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. You will be charged/credited the difference between the cost of your prior plan and your new plan as soon as the change is made. Any credit you receive will be applied to your next invoice. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. We’ll never charge a cancellation fee.

After you’ve completed your 7-day free trial, we’ll ask you to fill in your billing information. That will be the start of your billing cycle, and you’ll be billed on that day every month. You can alternatively select annual billing for a discount and bi-annual billing for higher discount.

Yes, you can download a complete copy of your phpholidaysaccount at any time as an CSV file. The admin panel of your script can only be accessed with the valid log-in details. Only authorized by you people will be able to get to it. Since your script will be hosted with us, we will make regular backups of your information and will keep it safe from illicit third-party actions.

Prior to buying a system please make sure you fully understand what your requirements are and how it the system works. We are open to provide more time from the trail so that you can fully understand what you are buying.

Please note that we can NOT issue a refund and order and sales are FINAL.

We’ve set our Hosting configuration and bandwidth limits as described above, that most phpholidaysusers will never need to worry about it. In fact, 99% of our customers are happy with their plans.
If you do end up needing more than our standard limit of hosting and bandwidth, we’ll send you a friendly email giving you the heads up that you’re close. You can upgrade your plan immediately for uninterrupted service.

If you already know you’re different than 99% of phpholidaysusers, and think you’re in the top 1% of bandwidth usage, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to put together a custom plan just for you.

Yes, we will keep your instance up to date and enhance it with all future functionalities we add to it. And it will be free of charge. No actions from your side are needed. You don’t have to worry – the upgrades will not affect your data.

If you want to block some IPs from accessing the admin panel or some important sections of the website then you can simply add the IP’s to this list to restrict access.

Absolutely. Eicra Experts are happy to help those of you who have special requests. According to the time and technical involvement needed for the feature to be added there most likely will be a charge for that. Yes, we can make almost any custom change to our products. If you need a custom change do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you a nno-obligation quote.